Staffing, Recognition, and Marketing

Bringing 4-H Science to urban communities presents a tremendous (and exciting!) opportunity for 4-H professionals to deliver high quality science programming to greater numbers of underserved youth. The sheer scale of such an undertaking presents two challenges to the county 4-H professional: (a) how to maximize reach, and (b) how to disseminate the 4-H Science Story while shaping public perception about who 4-H is and what 4-H "does."

The five content areas included in this section are divided into two themes: building capacity to deliver 4-H Science programs, and telling the 4-H Science story. The first three content areas address the perennial challenge to 4-H professionals constrained by the laws of physics – how to be in more than one place at one time. Staffing with Content Rich Volunteers will help 4-H professionals extend their reach by maximizing their ability to recruit and retain science professionals and serious science-based hobbyists. The purpose of Staffing with AmeriCorps Members is to help program planners understand how AmeriCorps members can be utilized to develop and sustain programs. Staffing with Teenagers and Teens as Cross-Age Teachers provides suggestions regarding how to locate, recruit, and sustain teens interested in working with 4-H Science programs.

The final two content areas underscore the importance of sharing the 4-H Science story. Recognizing Youth and Showcasing Programmatic Efforts will help 4-H professionals understand the value of providing youth appropriate, meaningful recognition and of showcasing programmatic efforts. Marketing and Branding 4-H in Urban Communities makes a strong case for consistent branding of all 4-H programs and provides some basic ideas for marketing and branding 4-H Science programs.

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